Fickett Towers Van Nuys, California

Project Description

The Fickett Towers project involved 200 senior HUD units. All 200 residential units in the project underwent complete renovation. Extensive work was done on the interiors of the units, including flooring, painting, the installation of new cabinets and all new plumbing and light fixtures. Major work outside of the residences included a chiller upgrade, installation of a new standby generator, and replacing the major sanitary sewer line in the lower portion of the building. The renovation took only 172 days.

Project Details

Demo and remove:
  • Relocate tenant including all personal belongings
  • Remove all plumbing fixtures
  • Remove all counter tops and cabinets
  • Remove all carpeting
  • Remove all light fixtures
New work:
  • Paint interior living areas including bath
  • Refinish bathtub
  • Create new cabinet pony wall
  • Install new plumbing supply lines
  • Install new cabinets
  • Install new counter tops
  • Install new GFCI as needed
  • Install new sink
  • Install new garbage disposal
  • Install new vent hood
  • Install new vinyl
  • Install new commode
  • Install new pedestal sink in bath
  • Install and connect new faucets
  • Install new shower head
  • Install new water heater
  • Install new refrigerator
  • Install new range
  • Install new microwave
  • Install new carpet/base
  • Install new light fixtures
  • Install new smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Install new emergency pulls - subcontracted
  • Return tenet belongings to unit